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Good Evening Church Family!  God is able and faithful!  So many reasons to be thankful and grateful and Thanksgiving isn't until next week!  We serve a faithful and wonderful Heavenly Father!  I love when God does major miracles and supernatural signs and wonders but I am also equally touched when He does smaller ones.  Those personal reminders of how much He loves us as His kids.  I had one of those blessings last Saturday.  I had been looking for a pair of new brown shoes and really wanted Clark's.  Steve and I had gone on a date and went to a Clark's outlet store.  I found a pair that I really liked but they were $90.  Now, I had the money already that I had been blessed with but I couldn't shake the feeling of unease.  That feeling I get when I am about to make a decision but it's not the right decision.  So, I went back and forth and finally told Steve I was just going to wait a while longer to get them.  We headed home and on the way stopped at a Goodwill.  We were looking around and I ventured over to the shoes and can you guess what I found?  :)  That's right!  I found a pair of brown Clark's!!!  But not just any ones... the EXACT ones I had just debated on getting.  They were perfect and didn't even look like someone wore them!!  Steve came over when I was trying them on and asked if I found anything.  I smiled and he looked down at the Clark's I was wearing and lit up!  He started giggling when he realized the blessing God had given me!  I also found a brand new pair of brown boots (with the tags) and a brand new pair of Sketchers no marks on the bottom of the white soles!!!  All three pairs cost me 1/2 what the Clark's I had found earlier cost and I got three new shoes instead of one!!!!!  I felt so blessed and so loved by my heavenly Father!!  Now it would not have been a big deal to get the Clark's at the Clark store because I already had the money.  BUT... God wanted to bless me.  The uneasy feeling I had wasn't because I was about to buy something bad... it was an unease because God knew there was a brand new pair at a 10th of what I was about to pay and He had two more for me besides!!  I was so grateful for my new brown Clark's but I've worn the Sketchers just as much and God knew that they would be a blessing for me too.
The key is to remember to be grateful for everything!  The big and the small things.  Really, there are no small things... a miracle is a miracle!  A blessing is a blessing!  We should give thanks in all things!  So, take the time to thank God for everything that He has done in your life and remember to listen when He is leading you.  Who knows what blessings He has in store for us as we praise and thank Him!!!  He knows our hearts desires and even the desires we didn't know we'd want but we do!!!  I can tell you I know I am 'walking' in the blessing this week... literally!!!  Have a blessed, thank-filled rest of your week, Church Family!!!  Blessings,  Pastors Sheli and Steve

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