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Featured Series: P.R.A.I.S.E. - Pastor Sheli

     Good Evening Church Family,  God is able and faithful!!!  AND... HE IS RISEN!!!  Hallelujah!  Thank you Jesus!  I have been meditating so much this year on the powerful truths of the Resurrection.  One of the truths that keeps coming up over and over this week is victory... victory over death... victory over the grave... victory over sin... victory over sickness... victory over the enemy!!!!  It can feel like we are fighting a loosing battle these days with all the evils that seem to be shouted from the mountains of society but the TRUTH is we have the victory!  How would you feel if you were going to go to the dr and you knew in advance that you were going to get a report of whole and healthy?  How would you feel if you went to the bank and they told you that you have more than enough for your needs and more than that to bless others?  How would you feel if you were told the temptation in your life you have been dealing with is finally ended?   How would feel if you knew you would witness to someone and they would be saved?  The truth is because of the victory of the empty tomb... we have all of these things!!!  Jesus rose from the grave and He didn't just win for Himself, He won for all of us!!!  We are on the winning team!!!  Hallelujah!!  Thank you Jesus!  No matter what it looks like in the natural, you can know with confidence that with Jesus you have the victory!  Those symptoms you have been dealing with HAVE to change because you have the victory over sickness because of Jesus!  The finances you have been needing, they ARE COMING in because you have victory over lack because of Jesus!  The prodigal family members in your life who have not come home yet... you need to get out on the road and be watching because they ARE coming home because of Jesus!   That issue in your life that keeps raising it's ugly head trying to defeat you, it is UNDER your feet because of Jesus!  Thank you Jesus!! We have the victory!!!   We praise you, Lord, for all you have done for us!!!  We have the victory, Church Family!  That means we have to stop letting the devil convince us that we are defeated.  We need to rise up and remind him that he is defeated and we are the victors!!!  This is the powerful truth of the empty tomb... he lost and we win... because of Jesus!  
     Victory... it really does change your attitude and thinking when you go into a situation knowing it's yours.  So often though, we don't know what is ours because we don't know what the Word says.  There are also times when we become so familiar with the Word that the truth of it doesn't really affect us anymore.  Both of these views are going to keep us from experiencing the full impact of the Word.  The Resurrection story has been told so many times in so many ways that we can put our minds on autopilot.  That means we aren't really listening or thinking about what Jesus did because we already know everything.  This is where a lot of the church is today... been there, done that, yeah great, just another Resurrection story... and we miss out on what God wanted to reveal to us this time.  
     I used to drive from and to Eugene, Oregon every weekend in Bible college.  I drove it so many times in 4 years that I sometimes think I fell asleep mentally and woke up right before I turned off of I-5.  I drove the same road every weekend until I thought I knew every nook and cranny, every pot hole and police hiding place, every mileage post and every sign with a missing letter.  To be truthful, I did know that road really well.  But then there were times that I would catch a ride with a friend as a passenger.  We'd drive the same road I drove but I would see things I'd never seen before.  A really cool tree on the side of the road... a house that I was sure must have gone up over the past week because I hadn't seen it before... a cross on the side of a hill... when did that farmer get sheep instead of cattle... I never knew there was a gas station at this exit... as a driver I could only see so much.  I was limited to what I could see safely without taking my eyes off the road in front of me for too long.  However, as a passenger I was allowed to let my eyes roam and explore and see things I had never seen before.  There were also things that my friend pointed out to me and made me aware of that I had completely missed.  This can happen to us as Christians when we read the word.  Like me, we can become so familiar with it we mentally fall asleep in our reading time and wake up right before we finish the passage.  We can come up to major holidays, like Easter, that celebrate the Word and we think... I could preach this for the pastor I know it so well.  Don't get me wrong, it's great to be able to know the Word like I knew that stretch of highway between Portland and Eugene, but we should never get to the point where we are on autopilot and unable to see all that God has for us to see.
     I would encourage you to take time in these next few days to read the Resurrection story in every Gospel.  Don't wait for Sunday... get in the Word for yourself and see all that Jesus did for you!  Discover, rediscover, uncover every truth of the Resurrection story that you can.  Sit in the passenger seat and let the Holy Spirit show you things you have never seen before!  Let him point out things that will impact you and change your life.  Take time to let your eyes roam through the story and see things you didn't know were yours because of Jesus.  Rediscover truths you have known before but forgotten or just need to be reminded of.  It is so powerful when you see something in the Word that hits home with you.  It becomes a fire in your heart and it ignites your passion for the Lord once again.  Victory was the truth that jumped out at me this past week.  We all know the victory we have in Jesus but when it hit me this week, I started praying differently and expecting things to turn out differently and I started acting differently because I was reminded that I am on the winning team!!!  Rediscovering that truth this week has set my heart on fire and the devil isn't taking any ground from me or anyone else I know!  I know what Jesus did and what that means to me and I'm not gonna let him tell me who I am... I'm telling him who he is and because of Jesus he's under my feet!!  Can you see how having truth revealed to us by the Holy Spirit is so vital?  Don't put your mind on autopilot, Church Family, when it comes to the Word.  Stay alert and be looking for all the truths God has for you this Resurrection Sunday!   Have a blessed rest of your week and let's come to God's word every time expecting to see something new!!  Blessings,  Pastors Sheli and Steve








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