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                       12/3...Youth Class Following Worship

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                       12/17...Christmas Program & Cookie Contest

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     Good Evening Church Family and Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!!  I know what I am grateful for today.... God is able and faithful!!!  We say that every week but I am sooooo grateful that God is able to perform everything in His word and I am sooooo grateful that He is faithful!  There are many unknowns in our lives today and it feels so good to know that God and His word will not change.  We thank you Lord for your faithfulness to us and to your word!  We are so grateful that we can trust in and rely on this truth in our lives!!  You are just... amazing, Lord!!!   Wherever you are tomorrow, remember to stop and be grateful and thankful.  Give praise to the Lord for all He's done in your life and in the lives of those around you.  Don't let the day go by without sharing with your Savior how grateful you are for all He has done.  Our lives can be so different if we just choose to praise instead of pout or complain.  We've been learning the past few months about what happens when we being to praise... Power  Released             

     After  I  Start  Expecting!!  When you choose to look at the circumstance or situation in your life and see the promise of what God can do, those things won't be able to get you down!  No matter what life throws at you, you will see it through eyes of expectation and praise!  It will take you out of the natural realm and into the supernatural realm because you won't have the weight of it dragging you down!  It is such a great way to live your life.  You don't have the side effects of worry or anxiety... you get peace instead!  So, make a commitment to be grateful every day of your life.  Wake up with praise on your lips and let it be the last thing on your lips before you go to bed.  A lifestyle of praise will usher in the power as you are in expectation for what God said He would be faithful to do!  And He is faithful so you can be assured He will do it!  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day tomorrow!!  We are grateful for each of you and we are praying for God to bless you and your families!  Thanksgiving Blessings to you all, Pastors Sheli and Steve   



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