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Good Evening Church Family!  God is able and faithful!  We are shouting hallelujah at the Livengood's because we are almost through our quarantine days!!!  Everyone is doing so much better and we are healing up quickly.  Thank you to everyone for all your prayers and support!!  We have been so blessed to have a very mild case and we are praising God for His faithfulness daily!  It's really all about how you choose to look at the things that happen in your life.  You can get depressed and down about it or you can choose to see the good!  We have chosen to see the good!  It has been a wonderful, unexpected family vacation... and despite the virus we have played games, watched movies and had fun together!  We also realized that we got to do something that most pastor's families never get to do and that was watch the football games on Wild Card weekend!  Steve and I realized that neither of us have got to watch all the games even before we met because we have always worked in the church our whole adult lives!  We told our kids to enjoy this once in a lifetime experience!!!  :)  You see, it's all about the way you choose to see it!!! 

I think that is why Paul told the Philippians church to "rejoice in the Lord always".  Rejoicing is doing joy over and over and over again in your life.  When life doesn't have joy in it anymore is when the devil wins.  A person who lacks joy is someone who lacks the means to be victorious.  How can that be, you might ask?  Well, if you lack joy then you lack the presence of God in your life.  Without God, we are not going to be able to even fight in the fight of faith.  This is essential in the life of a Christian and exactly why Paul told the Philippians (as well as us today) to keep doing joy!!!  When you choose joy instead of the emotions and feelings that might come easier when you are going through a hard spot, you are literally saying "I choose to stay in the presence of the Lord!"  Wow!  What a powerful weapon that we have on our lips!!  Praise!  Joy!  and doing them over and over again all the time no matter what is going on in our lives!  Battles are won and victory is ours as we stay in His presence and keep joy in our lives.   Make a decision today.  Choose joy!  Make up your mind that no matter what, you will get up everyday and praise the Lord!  You will always have joy in your life so that you stay in the presence of the Lord.  Because in His presence is everything you need for life!  We have a choice, Church Family, of how we see things... let's choose to see our lives through "joy colored glasses"!!!  Then we will see things like our Father does and He sees things through the eyes of victory!  Amen!!!!  Have a blessed rest of your week, Church Family and let's be joy-full people!!!  Blessings,  Pastors Sheli and Steve

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