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What's Up @ RC??


Sun 6/19...Happy Fathers Day! 

Thrs 6/23...Women's Bible Study

Sunday 7/3,,,NO SERVICE

Sunday 7/10...RC's 10th Anniversary

Good Afternoon Church Family!  God is able and faithful!  What an amazing service we had Sunday for missions!  So many stories of God moving and working all over the world... you can't help but get excited about what God is doing!!  We don't have all of our pledges in yet but I am ready to burst with excitement over what has come in so far.  I will keep the total until everyone has had a chance to pledge and hope to get the total amount by next week!  It's truly incredible though... I can tell you that!!!  So, thank you all in advance for being such amazing givers!!  We did share on Sunday that Redeemed Church has given over $133,600 to missions since 2014!!!  Hallelujah!  Praise the Lord!  That's a lot of seed in the ground!  Pastor Steve shared that our harvest, just on our missions giving, would equal over $13,600,000!!  Wow!!!  We are believing God for those finances to come into our lives so that we can continue to sow into the kingdom of God and do all the things God is calling us to do in these last days.  This is why living to give is so important in the life of a Christian.  It's easy to get caught up just on what "you" need and "your" bills and "your" issues that you begin to be a bellybutton Christian.  What is a bellybutton Christian?  Someone who is so focused on them, it's like they are walking around looking at their bellybutton.  I know it sounds funny but it's a great visual.  If you are always center on you, you are going to miss out on all the other things that God has for you to do.  I challenge you to walk while you are looking at your bellybutton BUT be careful!!  Walking like that you can end up in a wall or on the ground.  We were not created to walk looking at our bellybutton.  We were created to walk with our eyes looking out.  This is where giving helps us to keep things balanced in our finances.  The Bible says, God knows what you have need of even before you ask.  It also tells us that the mountains in our lives are going to move when we speak to them.  So, if you have needs, know that God knows and will provide.  Then keep speaking the word of God to the mountain and praising Him for the answer but all the while, keep your eyes up and looking out!  You will start to see ways that God wants you to bless others or sow seeds.  These steps of faithfulness will bring the harvest to meet your needs and more!  (And, you won't be falling down so often or running into self imposed spiritual walls. :)  We should wake up and be looking for opportunities to bless.  Looking around for ways to continue to be vessels God can flow through!  If you start hearing, "You better save all you have because you will need it for later."  "You can't give because what about you?!"  You know that it is definitely a great time to sow a seed!  When we shut off the flow, what we have left is a stagnant, lifeless body of finances.  But, when there is a source in and a source going out... there is life!!  We want to have healthy finances that are not just surviving but thriving!!  So, live to give, Church Family!  Speak to the mountains and know God will be faithful to provide!!  Have a blessed rest of your week!!  Pastors Sheli and Steve


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